Our New Brand and Website

Hoosick Valley Contractors is excited to announce the launch of our new logo and website as part of the continuous evolution of our company’s brand. For 37 years, we’ve continuously grown and excelled in the commercial construction industry. As the company’s leadership transitioned from one generation to the next, it was the right time to reflect on where the company has been, what it has accomplished and where it is going in the years ahead. As part of this process it became apparent that a redesigned logo and identity was needed to solidify the company’s brand. Hoosick Valley selected Greane Tree Technology in Troy, NY to champion this process.

Hoosick Valley Contractors brand evolution

In creating the logo design, Greane Tree used 3’s as a visual framework. Hoosick Valley Contractors has been in business for 3 decades, it’s a family business now in the 3rd generation of ownership; and there are 3 words in the company name.

“This was the main reason I chose to use 3 colors in the palette, and the reason I decided to experiment with the triangle shape,” said Raeanne Wright, Web Design Partner.

Dark blue as the solid triangular base is representative of the history of the business and its solid foundation of family and skilled tradespeople. The teal triangular side above this is representative of the company’s previous brand under the second generation of leadership. While the neon green triangle adjacent to this represents the new, innovative third generation taking leadership. Together, the shape points upward, suggesting growth and upward movement to excel as the company strives to meet the needs of the 21st century.

The redesigned website contains elements based off the new logo design and color palette, resulting in a truly dynamic and refreshed look for the company.

“We love the strong, modern, clean feel of the new logo and website and feel they accurately reflect the direction of the company,” said company President, Stefanie Wiley. “For 37 years the company has grown and evolved and is committed to doing so for the next 37 years.”