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  • OGS Dry Food Storage Building OGS Project#45514-C

    We are apparent low bidder for this project.
    The scope of work related to this project is relocating an existing storage sheds and construct a new dry food storage building with a cooler and freezer, and some associated sitework at Columbia Secure Center for Girls 419 Spook Rock Rd Claverack, NY.
    Project is to be complete 149 days after award. This is a RE-BID.
    Pricing is due 2/6/19 at 12 P.M
    Bid is due 2/6/19 at 2 P.M.

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  • Schenectady Housing Authority Procurement Office Renovations

    This project consists of renovations of a 1100 SF interior office building.

    Proposals due: 2/15/19 at 12 P.M.
    Work to be complete by 5/28/19.

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  • SUNY Albany - Class Lab Renovation Phase VI

    SINGLE PRIME – Building 31 & 32, Interior partitions, doors, laboratory fume hoods, laboratory casework, finishes and distribution of mechanical, electrical, tel/data, and fire protection systems to serve the work areas, exhaust fans and associated support. All work shall be in accordance with construction drawings and specifications.

    Proposals due: 2/20 @ 11AM
    Prebid: 2/1 @ 10AM
    Schedule: NTP – 4/30/20 (CO Obtain) 10/31/20 (100% Complete)
    MBE Goal: 22.3%
    WBE Goal: 8.54%
    SDVOB Goal: 6%
    LD: $500/day

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  • Canajoharie CSD - 2019 Capital Improvement

    The scope of work is interior renovation of the East Hill Complex and High School. Work includes demo, abatement, structural steel reinforcement, moisture mitigation, and various finishes. Site Work is a separate prime.

    Proposals due: 2/21 @ 12pm
    Prebid: 1/31 @ 3:15pm
    Schedule: April – Sep 30, 2019 (p.265 Vol 1)
    Alternates: 5

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  • Brookwood Secure Center Replace Windows, Boiler and Provide HVAC Renovations Units 1 – 4 & Medical Wing Project#45259-C

    This is a RE-BID. Project consists of renovations of Dormitory Wing which will be unoccupied. Medical, Classroom & Administrative Units which will be occupied and will need coordination.

    Proposals Due: 2/20 @ 11am
    Prebid Meeting: 2/11 @10am (Must call 48 hrs – see Advert)
    Construction Schedule: NTP – 465 days
    MBE Goal: 15%
    WBE Goal: 15%
    SDVOB Goal: 3%
    LD’s: $1,000/day

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    Phase 1 is the construction of the new CMC Room which is an approx. 440 SF addition to the administration building.

    Proposals due: 2/20 @ 12pm
    Prebid: 2/14 @ 9am
    Schedule: 643 days
    MBE Goal: 15%
    WBE Goal: 15%
    SDVOB Goal: 3%
    LDs: $1,000/day

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  • Troy CSD - Multiple Schools

    Various renovation projects at 6 schools for the summer break.

    Proposals due: Feb 20 @ 3pm
    Prebid: Call to arrange (Notice to Bidders form)
    Alternates: 4
    Schedule: 6/27 – 8/26/2019

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  • Schoharie CSD

    Renovation & Addition to the High School and Elementary School. Project to take place across multiple phases. This is a large project, please review the plans and specifications fully.

    Proposals Due: 2/26/19 @ 1130 AM
    Prebid: 1/29/19 @ 330 PM
    Alternates: 6
    Unit Prices: 5
    Schedule: A (2/19 – 6/19), B (6/19 – 9/19), C (9/19 – 1/20), D (6/20 – 9/20)
    Primes: Multiple, with STATE contract bid for certain scopes

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  • Chatham CSD Capital Improvement

    Work at multiple schools, new 30x30 storage building, façade upgrade at bus garage

    Proposals due: 3/5 @ 1pm
    Prebid: 2/20 @ 10am
    Construction Schedule: Summer 2019 & Summer 2020
    Prime: Multi
    Alternates: 4

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  • SUCF Project # 011008-02 Rehab Toilet Rooms for ADA, Hawley, Draper, Milne, Richardson & Fine Arts – SUNY Albany

    Multiphased, SINGLE prime renovation project of 37 bathrooms across 5 buildings

    Proposals due: 3/6 @ 12pm
    Prime: Single
    Construction Schedule: 700 days
    Goals: 12% MBE, 18% WBE, 3% SDVOB
    LDs: $1460/day

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  • Fulton Montgomery Garage & Town Hall Renovation

    Construct new wood framed hwy garage and renovate existing Town Hall/Highway Garage PEMB into Town Hall only. Anticipated work start Fall 2019.

    Proposals due: 3/13 @ 12pm
    Prebid: 2/27 @ 2pm
    Construction Schedule: 365 days
    Prime: Multi
    Goals: 15% MBE, 15% WBE
    LDs: $2000/day

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  • HVCC Nursing Department Renovation

    Work of this contract shall include, but is not limited to renovating areas in Fitzgibbons and Brahan Halls on the Troy campus. The primary focus of the work will occur on the second floor of the Fitzgibbons Health Technologies Center within the Nursing Department. The area of work is approximately 4,964 square feet. A limited scope of work is required in the first and second floors of Brahan Hall to remove lockers from hallways and replace with benches for students similar to existing benches in Amstuz Hall.

    Proposals due: 4/2 @ 11am
    Prebid: 3/12 @ 10am
    Unit Prices: 1
    Alternates: 1
    Prime: Multi

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